Everything You Could Need To Know About House Mice In Maywood

January 15, 2021

The standard house mouse is a pest all across the country. Here in Maywood, locals are likely to encounter the rodent. Find out everything you should know about this local pest, and you can try to protect your home from the unwanted invader.

house mice in a basement

What Does A House Mouse Look Like?

A house mouse can be light brown to dark gray. As you may already know, the house mouse has four legs and a round body. Unlike rats in Maywood, mice have pointed muzzles and large ears. They have some hair on their ears and tails. Typically, these rodents in Maywood range in size from 2.5 inches to 3.75 inches long. Their tails tend to be just as long, if not longer.

What Does A House Mouse Eat?

In the wild, a house mouse eats cereal and seeds as well as nuts and fruits. Once mice are indoors however, they’ll eat just about anything. Your leftovers become their food, and the house mouse will eat any of your crumbs and leftovers on the counter. Because they particularly enjoy grain products, they might raid your pantry. Since the house mouse can chew through thick material, your thin cardboard box surrounding your cereal is no match for their furry appetites. They can chew through the box in no time, leaving you with contaminated food.

Is The House Mouse Dangerous?

If you look at a house mouse long enough, you might think it’s cute. Don’t let their appearance fool you, however. Mice are very dangerous pests in Maywood. They spread diseases to humans, and some of those diseases are highly dangerous. If you want to keep your family and friends safe from disease, you need to do your best to keep mice out.

Mice are also known trigger allergies. People with allergies or asthma may experience symptoms when mice are around. Although those symptoms aren’t always serious, they can make your life pretty uncomfortable.

There is a much more severe consequence that comes with the presence of mice. Once inside your home, the house mouse will chew everything from wood, plastic and wires. In addition to causing an expensive repair bill, the house mouse can create a fire hazard. If they chew through your electrical wires, a fire can occur at any time.

Mouse Prevention For The Maywood Homeowner

Fortunately, you can take steps to keep your home safe from mice. By following these tips, you may be able to keep mice away:

  • Seal Up Entrances: Mice can take a tiny hole and make it large enough to fit through. To keep mice out, you should check your home for cracks and crevices. If you have any, seal them up with caulk or sealant. It’s just as important to make sure there are no gaps under your door; otherwise, mice can get inside your home.
  • Clean Up Crumbs: If you leave crumbs out, mice will make their way into your home. After meals, make sure you clean up all the crumbs from the table and floor.
    Seal Food And Trash: Be sure to keep your food and trash in containers with lids. Otherwise, whatever is in your containers will be food for your mice. Take all of your dried food and store it in glass or plastic containers. If you don’t have a garbage can with a lid, be sure to buy one.
  • Work With Us: The best and most effective way to get rid of a mouse infestation is with help from the experts. Here at Holifield Pest Management, we can keep mice out of your home and eliminate any current infestations. Contact us today!

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