Hattiesburg Property Owners Complete Guide To Effective Fire Ant Control

July 15, 2020

Fire ants can turn your beautiful backyard into a danger zone. Before you find yourself struggling to keep the insects from biting you, take matters into your own hands and use preventative measures. Learn how to do fire ant control on your Hattiesburg property.

fire ants crawling on the ground

About the Local Fire Ants

Throughout parts of the United States, fire ants plague property owners. The ants are red and have a stinger that secretes a venom. Relatively small in size, they only grow to about five millimeters long. Although you can identify a fire ant by its appearance, most people don’t know what they are until they experience a sting. A fire ant uses its sting to hurt or kill other insects. But their venom is so potent that it works on humans. A fire ant sting causes swelling, pain, and itching. At times, victims have allergic reactions to the venom. The result could be nausea, sweating, and other complications. One of the most significant issues with fire ants is that they attack in numbers. If you unknowingly step on a fire ant colony, you could experience multiple stings. As you try to brush the ants off you, they’ll continue to sting.

Large Colonies

Typically, fire ant colonies are highly populated. Up to 500,000 ants could live in one colony, and their network may extend throughout your neighborhood. This causes two problems. First, it makes it almost impossible to avoid stepping on a colony. As your kids play in the yard, they might disturb the ants and suffer from stings. When you mow the lawn, you could find yourself fighting off the ants. Another issue comes in the form of eliminating colonies. This large and widespread population means that fire ants are difficult to kill. Even if you kill thousands of ants, there will be more that survive and reproduce as they disperse and recolonize.

Keeping Your Family Safe

If you’re tempted to try DIY methods to eliminate fire ants, you may want to think twice. Most DIY methods are unsuccessful and some are downright dangerous. For instance, over-the-counter chemical treatments come with health hazards when not applied correctly. They also don’t work, unless you know exactly where and how to spray. Usually, DIY attempts only result in the death of some ants. Other ants simply take their place and continue to invade your yard.

Meanwhile, natural fire ant remedies may not do anything at all. There’s a circulating myth that fire ants will explode when they eat grits. But scattering grits in your yard won’t do anything to fire ants and may attract other insects. Another myth claims that soap or wood ashes eat away at the outer layer of ants. Once again, this is not true and won’t resolve your problem.

Of course, there are some things that you can do to deter fire ants from living on your Hattiesburg property. This includes keeping your yard clear of vegetation, cleaning up debris piles, and trimming your shrubs. If you want to prevent fire ants as well as other insects, you should also seal up your garbage cans. Buy a garbage pail with a tight lid and you won’t attract as many bugs. While this can make a difference, it’s not enough to completely prevent fire ants.

Working With An Expert

There’s only one truly effective method of fire ant control. By contacting a professional, you can learn the secret to fire ant control. They know how to prevent and eliminate colonies using safe and effective techniques.

Why put you and your household at risk? Before fire ants take over your property, contact Holifield Pest Management.

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