How Dangerous Is It To Have Fire Ants On My Hattiesburg, MS Property?

July 15, 2021

When it comes to dangerous pests, people tend to either over or under-exaggerate the facts. So, you may have heard some conflicting information about fire ants. Are they dangerous, and if so, how dangerous are they? Find out more about the hazards of fire ants and what you should do to protect your Hattiesburg, MS property.

fire ants crawling on a green leaf

The Fire Ants Of Hattiesburg

No matter where you live, fire ants are similar in appearance and behavior. They're usually dull red but can range from reddish-brown to reddish black. While fire ants in Hattiesburg are similar to other ants, they're distinguished by having stingers on their abdomens.  Most ants in the area have large colonies, and fire ants are no exception. They have colonies that can span for miles and have multiple queens. Although fire ants prefer to remain outdoors, they occasionally venture inside homes.

If you see an ant and aren't sure if it's a fire ant, there's one tell-tale sign of the species. When a fire ant sees you as a threat, it bites you and then stings you. The stinger injects you with venom that leaves a painful welt behind. For days after the bite, you might feel an itchy sensation.

How Serious Is The Danger?

A fire ant sting hurts, and there's no denying that. However, are these Hattiesburg pests that dangerous? Although an adult can withstand a fire ant sting without shedding tears, not everyone gets away with one small bite. For one, fire ants are highly territorial. They attack in numbers and can sting a victim multiple times. If you walk into a fire ant mound, you could experience 20 or more stings.

The true threat of fire ants is to people who have allergies. If you or a loved one develops an allergy to fire ant venom, the stakes are high. One single fire ant sting could send you to the hospital. In rare untreated cases, a sting could be fatal. When you have fire ants on your property, no one is safe. Your kids can't play in the grass without worrying about walking into a hidden mound. Every time you mow the lawn, you risk disturbing and angering a colony of eager-to-sting insects.

Another danger of fire ants is the fact that they're almost impossible to eliminate. Because their colonies are so large, fire ants are one of the most difficult pests to evict. If you get rid of one queen, another comes to take its place. Fire ants might disperse after you treat an area, but they'll only re-colonize nearby.

How Should You Deal With Fire Ants?

Rather than find out about the danger of fire ants first-hand, you should be proactive. It's essential to take measures to make your property less appealing to these pests. Although there's one simple way to do this, you can also try a few steps on your own, such as:

  • Clean the debris from your yard-If you have piles of leaves and other branches, fire ants will find your property appealing.
  • After you do yard work, dispose of your piles with care.
  • Limit their food-Avoid leaving crumbs on the floors or tables. After a picnic, clean up the area before ants come for a feast.

The most effective way to prevent and eliminate fire ants is to work with an experienced home pest control professional. Here at Holifield Pest Management, we use a modern approach to fire ant removal. Our technicians care about your family and work quickly to protect your yard. Call us today and learn more about our comprehensive program.

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