How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Hattiesburg Home

November 15, 2021

Once bed bugs infiltrate your Hattiesburg home, they can be major trouble. Our guide tells you everything you need to know about bed bug removal and the benefits of professional pest control.

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Looking Out For Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small insects that are typically dark brown; they are oval-shaped and approximately the size of an apple seed. Bed bugs get their name from their preferred living areas. Bedrooms, mattresses, and other sleeping quarters are their favorite places, but they can be found in other locations around your home. Below are some signs that indicate you have bed bugs living in your house.

  • You may see reddish or rust-colored stains on your sheets or mattresses. These stains are a result of bed bugs feeding and hiding in your bed.
  • You may find bed bugs hiding in the gaps, cracks, and seams of walls or furniture. Use a flashlight to check these areas carefully.
  • There may be a strong, musty odor in your house. Bed bugs release this smell from their scent glands; the stronger it is, the more likely you have a major bed bug infestation.
  • You may see red bumps appearing on your arms and legs. These are a result of bed bug bites. These bites can be itchy and, in rare cases, may trigger allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis.

Bed bug infestations will typically start from an individual staying in a bed bug hotspot, such as a hotel, library, or riding on public transportation and picking up hitchhiking bed bugs that then infiltrate your house once you unknowingly bring them home. You may also end up with a bed bug infestation by purchasing secondhand furniture or an appliance and moving it into your house without first checking the item for bed bugs.

This pest is difficult to prevent simply due to its size and skill in hiding in clothing, luggage, and bags. They can quickly infest hidden areas around your homes such as ceilings, walls, furniture, or mattresses, multiplying rapidly and causing a major problem before you even notice them. In most cases, when you start to see bed bugs and are receiving bites, it is already too late to stop the infestation.

Professional Bed Bug Control

Attempting to eliminate a bed bug infestation by yourself rarely works out well because DIY methods are unlikely to remove all bed bugs at every stage of development.

Professional bed bug control from Holifield Pest Management is a much more effective solution. Our professionals will be able to target either specific areas or your entire home with chemical treatments that are sure to eliminate bed bugs at every stage of development. Our professionals will also give you peace of mind with another round of treatments if bed bugs are found after the initial removal.

For more advice or assistance in eliminating bed bugs from your home, contact Holifield Pest Management today. Our experts will be sure to conduct a thorough investigation of your property, narrow down the major areas of bed bug activity, and provide you with targeted solutions to take back your home from these pests.

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