Keep An Eye Out For Pests When Decking Your Maywood Halls

December 15, 2020

There’s nothing merrier than Christmas in Maywood, and that’s most likely due to all of the efforts we put forth into decorating our homes. From the inside to the outside, our houses are beacons of Christmas spirit, but they’re not just beckoning to the neighbors. Unfortunately, these are neon beacons of hope to pests as well. With all of the effort we put into decorating our homes, we should get to enjoy a pest-free holiday since cold weather kills most bugs. However, the pests that do make it inside before the first frost might just make for a nightmare before Christmas.

mouse crawling in decorations

Decoration Helpers

If you’re a pro-Christmas decorator, you know where all of your Christmas items are stored and where they’ll be displayed. Strategically arranging your home every year is a form of art, one that you’ve been perfecting for years and years. However, as your decorations sit in storage, they create ideal habitats for pests who’ve escaped the conditions outside. As you dive into your Christmas decoration boxes, you might realize you have some unwanted help this holiday season.
The most common pests who are attracted to your cardboard Christmas decoration boxes include cockroaches, silverfish, termites, crickets, and even rodents like mice and rats. Along with the potential to damage your Christmas decorations (and scare you half to death when you open the box), many of these pests bring along more serious problems as well. For instance, roaches and rodents are known bacteria carriers and will spread bacteria all over your house, contaminating your decorations and increasing your risk of disease incursion. Crickets and silverfish will chew, eat, or destroy other items in your basements like books and electrical wiring. Last but not least, termites can move from your boxes to the wooden structures in your home, eating anything wooden in their path and costing you thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.

Saving Christmas

There are a few ways you can avoid contact with these pests that might be harboring in your decorations and a few ways to keep them out as well. First, when you grab a box out of the basement or attic, start by taking it outside. You’ll want to unload the boxes in the yard so that any pests that may fall out will simply run away rather than run into your other storage areas.
Your next step is to check on the decorations themselves. If you feel like there are roach or rodent feces in the box, the decorations may need to be sanitized as their droppings are often toxic. You’ll also want to check on your Christmas lights for chew marks before plugging them in, as any damage increases your risk of electrical shock.
A few ways to limit these issues are to change your storage habits and monitor your moisture issues. All of these cardboard-loving pests are attracted to dark, damp places like attics and basements with high humidity levels or moisture buildup. Using a dehumidifier can help alleviate moisture buildup, along with carefully monitoring your pipes for leaks in these areas. Once you take care of the moisture issues, you can double-down on the protection by storing decorations in more durable plastic containers that these pests won’t be able to chew through.
While these methods can be helpful, Christmas-crashing pests can be stubborn. To keep your holidays merry and bright, your best bet is to call in the professionals. For more advice or assistance in keeping your home pest-free this winter, contact Holifield Pest Management today.

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