What Termite Season Means For Maywood Homeowners

May 14, 2020

If you step outside during the next few months, you’ll likely see bright flowers on trees and bushes, and scattered across the grass. There may be the scent of fresh earth and morning dew. Spring is a time of reawakening and new growth.

termite swarmers infesting wood

Unfortunately, it’s also the time when many pests return to the height of their activity. Insects like termites become far more active than they were during the months of winter. The resurgence of pest problems makes spring bittersweet. But with help from Holifield Pest Management, pests don’t need to take away from the beauty of the season.

The Termite Caste System

Although we often refer to spring as termite season, these pests are active year-round. However, spring is their chance to mate and start new colonies. Let us explain. Termites live in a caste system. Worker termites build tunnels and collect food. Soldier termites protect the workers and the nest. And swarmer termites are the ones who reproduce. In the spring, they emerge from their nest.

Eventually, they split off, find mates, and start new colonies. This all happens in the spring, so this time of year is essential for finding out whether or not there are termites nearby and for preventing new colonies from starting on your property.

Swarms Of Swarmers

What happens if you see termite swarmers? What should you do? This depends a lot on how many swarmer termites you spot. If you see a large group of flying termites, it means you have a termite colony nearby. The swarmers all emerge at the same time in a large group. Make note of where you saw the swarmers, as the nest is likely nearby.

You may also just see one or two swarmer termites or you may not see any but find evidence of their presence, such as discarded wings. This might mean that swarmers have decided to start a new colony somewhere nearby.

Termites can cause immense damage, so it’s important to take care of their presence at the first sign.

Identifying Termite Activity

Swarmers are the most visible sign of a termite infestation. In fact, they’re probably the only termites you’ll see. Worker and solider termites can’t survive in the open, so they remain hidden in underground nests and tunnels inside wood. You may be able to spot a termite infestation by checking the exterior of your home for mud tubes. These small tunnels are built as a pathway between the underground nest and the wood inside your home.

Other than that, your sign of termite presence will probably be the damage they cause. If your doors and windows aren’t opening and closing properly or the walls seem to be bulging, call Holifield Pest Management for help finding out whether you have termites in your home.

Protecting Your Home From Termites

The best way to protect your home from termites is to act fast. At the first sign of termite presence call Holifield Pest Management. It doesn’t matter if you think you spotted a mud tunnel, you saw swarmer termite, or your house just doesn’t seem to be holding up well, call us for an inspection.

We can determine whether or not you have a problem. If you do have termites, we’ll help you get them out and keep them out, this termite season, and all year long.

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