Why Hire A Professional For Bed Bug Infestations

June 14, 2019

It is that time of year again when bed bug infestations seem to be popping up in homes all over the United States. As summer vacationers travel through public places, stay in hotels, and use public transportation, they have many opportunities to pick up bed bugs and carry them home. Bed bugs must feed on the blood of a host to survive, which is why they use summer travelers to hitchhike to locations where they can feed and reproduce.  These parasitic insects infest more properties during summer due to frequent traveling and warmer temperatures. Once bed bugs have been brought into your home, it doesn’t take long for them to hide, breed, and thoroughly infest your property.

a profesional pest control technitian inspecting a mississippi home for bed bug infestations

Why DIY Solutions Fail

For many homeowners, it can be easy to turn to DIY solutions when dealing with a bed bug invasion. Unfortunately, the “quick and easy hassle-free” DIY solutions you may find online are usually not as effective they claim. Many DIY tips and tricks are time-consuming, costly, frustrating, and ineffective. And even if DIY solutions work for a little while, they usually lack the effectiveness and longevity of professional bed bug control services. Bed bugs reproduce quickly and have a knack for hiding, which makes identifying where bed bugs are hiding in your home a difficult task. Additionally, bed bugs are resistant to many types of natural remedies and pesticides.

Professional Treatments Beat DIY Solutions Every Time

When it comes to handling bed bug infestations, professional treatment is the most effective and long-lasting option. With professional bed bug services from the pest technicians here at Holifield Pest Management, you get the benefit of all our effective treatment options. When we treat bed bug infestations, we don’t just spray your home with pesticides as other companies might. We thoroughly inspect your property to pinpoint the location(s) of your bed bug problem.

Once identified, we'll work quickly to target treatments in these areas to remove bed bugs from your home. At Holifield, we believe in great services and treatments, which is why we work hard to ensure your property remains pest-free, 365 days a year! To request a free estimate or to learn more about our bed bug control services, contact us!

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