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Keep An Eye Out For Pests When Decking Your Maywood Halls

December 15, 2020

It’s that time of year again. The halls are ready to be decked, the stockings are ready to be hung, and the tree is ready to be topped. There’s nothing merrier than Christmas in Maywood, and that’s most likely due to all of the efforts we put forth into decorating our homes. From the inside to the outside, our houses are beacons of Christmas spirit, but they’re not just beckoning to the neighbors. Unfortunately, these a... Read More

a bed bug infesttaion spreading on furniture

How To Tell If Your Maywood Home Has A Bed Bug Problem

November 13, 2020

Despite their name, bed bugs are not just a problem in the bedroom. These pests are common everywhere in the world, so while bed bugs can certainly infest your Maywood, Mississippi home, they can also cause problems in schools, offices, hospitals, restaurants, and public transportation.... Read More

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Maywood's Ultimate Fall Pest Prevention Guide

October 15, 2020

As the summer comes to an end, it's time to prepare for the fall. You need to get your heater ready, take out your winter clothes, and prepare the kids for school. But there's something else you should get ready for - pests. When the lower temperatures come, pests start to make their way into homes. Check out this guide to fall pest prevention and protect your home.... Read More

a norway rat in a home

How To Tell If It's Rats In Your Maywood Home

August 14, 2020

You may not know it, but your home may be in grave danger, and it might not be from the pest you initially suspect. Rats and other types of rodents are some of the most dangerous creatures on earth. Not only in their life but possibly in death as well... Read More

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