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Located in the second county seat of Jones County and resting just northeast of Ellisville lies the city of Laurel. With several museums and parks in our area, there is always somewhere to explore and learn something new. Whether you decide to visit our Veterans Memorial Museum or take a walk in Daphne Park, Laurel is a wonderful city we are proud to call home. Unfortunately, several pests are also happy to call this area home - often to the extent of invading your home or business!

Thankfully, you’re not alone. Holifield Pest Management is a pest control provider that cares about your individual needs. We offer several different pest control options to work with your residential or commercial property. If pests are threatening your Laurel property, don’t hesitate to reach out to the service technicians here at Holifield!

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Residential Pest Control In Laurel, MS

No Laurel homeowner wants the stress, frustration, and damage that invasive pests bring to residential properties. With the filth, disease, destruction, and danger pests are capable of inflicting, it’s only natural to want to keep your Mississippi home protected.

Bats, ants, termites, rodents, stinging insects, and cockroaches are just a few of the pests that are common here in Laurel, and each of them come with their own dangers and frustrations. Holifield Pest Management protects homes from pests with effective residential solutions and treatment methods that are customized to your individual needs.

We are dedicated to keeping you and you Laurel home safeguarded against pests of all kinds. Don’t wait for pests to infest your property. Call Holifield Pest Management with all your residential pest control questions and concerns!

Learn How To Minimize Mosquito Exposure In Laurel, Mississippi

If there’s one thing about summer that most Laurel residents would agree is unpleasant, it would be the increase in mosquito activity as the weather gets warmer. These tiny, irritating pests have a reputation for creating problems for outdoor activities, spreading diseases, and leaving us with itchy bite marks along the length of our arms and legs.

However, there are a few tricks you can implement to reduce your exposure to mosquitoes this summer while on your property:

  • Wear insect repellent while outside your home or commercial building.

  • Avoid areas with thick weeds, grass, tree limbs, and foliage.

  • Try to avoid going outside while mosquitoes are most active (early morning and evening).

  • Keep your hedges and grass maintained and trimmed away from the exterior of your home.

  • Remove sources of standing water by cleaning your gutters, emptying buckets, and dumping out items that collect water.

Holifield Pest Management handles pest problems in Laurel such as mosquitoes invading your property. Our team of certified technicians is always ready to assist you with your pest control needs. If mosquitoes are causing you stress this summer, consider Holifield Pest Management to provide a solution for your pest control problems.

Commercial Pest Control In Laurel, Mississippi

Any commercial business owner could tell you that cockroaches, termites, and rodents are just a few of the pests you don’t want on your Laurel commercial property. After all, having these pests on your property can lead to contaminated products, unsatisfied customers, and nasty reviews on your website. Whether you run a restaurant, health care facility, or anything in between, Holifield Pest Management has a pest control solution that will work for you. Our commercial pest control programs include high-quality products, exclusionary services, effective treatment visits, and elimination services to fit the exact needs of your Laurel company. When it comes to maintaining a secure defense against problematic pests, Holifield is your best bet. Keep pests from destroying your reputation and driving away customers when you contact Holifield Pest Management!

Protect Your Laurel, Mississippi Property From Termite Damage

In case you haven’t heard, termites are detrimental to the structural integrity of your Laurel property. These silent, wood-destroying insects are capable of inflicting extensive amounts of damage to your home or business without your knowledge. This is because termites like to avoid the light, which means they usually spend their entire lives chewing away at the cellulose they can find in wooden structures while hidden from your view. One of the reasons termites create such major problems for home and business owners is due to the fact that they never sleep. Termite colonies are constantly working to build new tunnels and eat through the wooden components of Laurel properties. With these facts in mind, it should be easy to see that your property needs protection against termite damage.

Here at Holifield Pest Management, we understand the importance of keeping your Laurel property termite and pest-free year-round. We offer a variety of pest treatments and services to protect your home or commercial building from the damage pests such as termites can inflict. Trust us with your termite problems, and our licensed service technicians won’t let you down. For effective pest control solutions in Jones County, Mississippi, reach out to Holifield Pest Management!


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