What are bats?

Bats are nocturnal flying mammals. Most bats living in North America are insectivores feeding on a variety of nuisance insects. Their appearance will vary by species, but in general, bats have bodies that are covered in fur and wings that are covered in leathery skin. Bats have four legs that they use for crawling. The front two legs are covered in hairless, leathery skin and are used as wings. They usually have small, rounded ears, but some species have more elongated pointed ears.

a little brown bat on a rock outside in hattiesburg mississippi

Are bats dangerous?

Bats have the potential to be dangerous. They are vectors for many pathogens, including the serious and potentially life-threatening rabies. Bats have many different parasites (fleas, bat mites, bat bugs, ticks) on their bodies that they will introduce onto your property. Parasites carry and transmit diseases that can make people sick. Their droppings can contain fungi that can cause histoplasmosis (a harmful lung disease) in people. In addition, it is important to understand that bats are wild animals. If they ever feel threatened or cornered, they will protect themselves by biting. This can put you, your kids, and your pets in a dangerous situation.

Why do I have a bat problem?

Bats are living on your property and have found their way into your home because you are providing them with ample food and water sources and safe shelter. Homes often provide dark, protected places for bats to roost during the day, where they are hidden away from predators. Bats hibernate during the winter months because their main food source - insects - are not available. Homes, garages, and barns are often chosen by bats as safe hibernation locations.

Where will I find bats?

Bats live in a variety of environments, including wetlands, fields, forests, cities, and suburbs. Common outdoor roosting spots for bats include hollow trees, rock crevices, caves, and drainage pipes. Bats roosting in or on a home are usually found in attics, chimneys, behind shutters, and behind loose shingles or boards.

How do I get rid of bats?

To eliminate bats from your home and property and prevent a re-infestation, partner with an experienced professional. At Holifield Pest Management, our certified and licensed professionals can provide the comprehensive services needed to find and eliminate all the bats living in your home and prevent their return. For all of your residential or commercial pest control needs, call the full-service pest control experts at Holifield Pest Management. We serve Laurel and Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and surrounding areas. To learn more about our bat control services or to receive a free estimate, reach out to us!

How can I prevent bats in the future?

Listed below are some preventative steps you can take to help prevent bats from taking over your Forrest County, Mississippi home or commercial property:

  • Seal any openings on your home’s exterior that could allow bats access to the inside.

  • Repair any loose shingles or siding.

  • Cap chimneys and install mesh covers over vents.

  • Place bat nesting boxes on your property a distance away from the exterior of your home.


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