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Raccoons may appear cute and cuddly on TV shows and movies, but in real life, they can be anything but. These masked bandits have the potential to create a great deal of destruction and havoc. From tearing apart garbage bags in search of food to getting into compost bins or pet food containers, raccoons can quickly become a nuisance. In addition to creating messes and destruction, raccoons can also carry several diseases that pose a risk to both humans and pets. This includes rabies, roundworm, leptospirosis, and giardiasis, which all require prompt medical attention if contracted. 

Due to their size and clever nature, it is important that, when dealing with raccoons, you leave it up to the professionals who are trained in the proper handling of these animals. The technicians at Holifield Pest Management have extensive experience in removing all types of wildlife safely and humanely from your property. 

Understanding Raccoon Behavior and Risks

Raccoons are wild animals that typically prefer to live in the wilderness, but due to their scavenging behavior, they can often be found wandering into neighborhoods and urban areas. They have adapted quite well to living amongst people, as this allows them access to easy food sources such as pet food or garbage bins. As a result of their frequent presence within cities and towns, homeowners need to take preventive measures against any potential damage from these clever critters.

Some notable traits of raccoons include:

  • They can range between 15 to 40 pounds in weight
  • They are identifiable by their grayish coats, black mask, and bushy tails
  • They are nocturnal animals, meaning they are most active at night
  • They can climb and scale walls or fences easily 
  • Females typically have one to six young known as “kits” in the springtime 
  • Raccoons can be carriers of serious diseases such as rabies and roundworm

Identifying Signs of Raccoon Infestation

Raccoons can be a nuisance to your home and property, but they are usually sneaky enough that you may not know they're there until it's too late. While a raccoon sighting is the most obvious sign of the animal's presence, it may not always occur. 

Other signs to watch out for include: 

  • Unusual noises coming from the attic or walls 
  • Damage caused by their sharp claws and teeth on siding, fascia boards, soffits, eaves, and other areas around your property 
  • Unexpectedly high water bills due to leaks in plumbing pipes chewed through by raccoons 
  • Foul odors from urine or feces left behind by the animals 
  • Chewed-open garbage cans and scattered trash at night

Contact Us for Immediate Raccoon Control in Jones County

We provide same-day services so you don't have to wait around for help! For added convenience, we even offer free estimates — just dial (601) 228-5344 or fill out our online form for more information. Let us take care of your raccoon problem today!

Let Holifield Pest Management Be Your Go-To Solution for Raccoon Control!

At Holifield Pest Management, our expert technicians are highly experienced in raccoon control. We understand their behavior and know the best ways to capture them quickly and efficiently. Our team is licensed and trained to handle all types of wildlife removal. 

We employ a variety of techniques to ensure that these animals are caught safely and humanely. Our team will use traps, lures, baits, repellents, or other methods, depending on the situation. We also have access to specialized equipment, such as cameras for surveying areas where raccoons may be hiding. Once captured, we take measures to prevent them from returning by sealing off entry points with durable materials like steel mesh or heavy gauge wire mesh fencing. 

We are available for same-day services, so don't let a raccoon invasion ruin your day. We'll take care of the problem quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your home is safe from these pesky critters once again. 

Give us a call at (601) 228-5344 or complete our online form to request a free estimate!

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