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Eliminating Rodent Infestations Throughout Jones County

Rodents are some of the most destructive pests you can have indoors, and they pose a serious problem for homeowners. Not only do they cause destruction with their constant gnawing on furniture, walls, and electrical wires, but they reproduce quickly, which makes it hard to get rid of them completely. Rodent infestations can also bring about health risks due to the spread of diseases through their droppings or by contaminating food sources. It’s important to take action immediately when signs of rodent activity are noticed in order to prevent further damage and health issues.

If you suspect rodent activity in your home or business, call the experts at Holifield Pest Management. We are a licensed and insured pest control company with years of experience dealing with all types of rodent infestations. Our technicians are available for same-day services so you can get rid of these pests as soon as possible! We use only the most effective techniques and treatments to ensure that rodents won't return once they're gone.

The Most Common Household Rodents

Rodents are attracted to homes because of the ample food, shelter, and water sources they provide. Rodents can cause a lot of damage to your home if left unchecked, so it’s important to be aware of the different types that may be lurking around. 

Here is a list of some common household rodents and what makes them unique:

  • House mice: These are the most common rodents found in homes. They’re small with light brown fur and have large ears. They can fit through holes as small as a quarter of an inch and reproduce quickly.
  • Norway rats: Also known as “sewer rats,” these rodents are bigger than house mice, with shaggy brown or black fur and long tails. They live in groups near water sources such as sewers or damp basements and like to burrow underneath structures.
  • Roof rats: These rats are smaller than Norway rats but larger than house mice, with dark grayish/black fur and a long tail that is almost hairless. They prefer to stay higher up in places such as attics or walls and are often attracted to pet food or birdseed.
  • Deer mice: These rodents have large eyes, white bellies, and grayish/brown fur. They’re similar in size to house mice but prefer living outdoors near wooded areas. 

If you believe you have any of these types of rodents in your home, contact Holifield Pest Management right away! We have the expertise and tools needed to get rid of them quickly and effectively.

Don't let rodents take over your space. Get back in control by calling Holifield Pest Management today! Dial (601) 228-5344 or complete our online form to request a free estimate and put an end to unwanted visitors immediately.

Signs You Have a Rodent Problem

Rodents are sneaky creatures and can be hard to spot, but the longer an infestation goes unaddressed, the worse it will get. Fortunately, their habits give away their presence if you know what to look for. There are some common signs of a rodent problem that you should be aware of so that you can take action before things get out of hand.

Watch out for the following signs of rodent presence:

  • Droppings: Rodents leave small dark droppings in areas they frequent, such as behind kitchen appliances or inside drawers. These droppings can contain harmful bacteria, so it’s important to avoid contact with them and clean up any mess immediately.
  • Gnaw marks: Rodents are always gnawing on things to keep their teeth sharp and will leave telltale signs of their presence with tooth marks on furniture, walls, wires, etc. 
  • Unusual noises: Rodents are active at night. You might hear scratching or scurrying noises coming from walls or ceilings, which could indicate a nest. 
  • Unexplained odors: As rodents urinate and defecate in your home, you might notice a musty smell that could indicate an infestation.
  • Sightings: If you actually see a rodent in your home, chances are you have an infestation. Rodents are active at night and try to remain out of sight, but you may catch them scurrying around as they scavenge for food.
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