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Dispelling Stigma: Bed Bugs Reside In Dirty Homes

November 15, 2019

Everyone has their own misconceptions about life. When it comes to bed bugs, the most common misconception is that they only invade dirty homes. This is not true. Bed bugs couldn’t care less about the condition of your home. As long as they can find places to hide and people to bite, they won’t have a single complaint. If your home has these two things, it is susceptible to a bed bug infestation, and you are at risk.... Read More

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How To Defend Your Home From Rodents This Fall

September 17, 2019

Whether you put out a welcome mat of not, squirrels, mice, and other rodents have a way of making it into homes uninvited, looking for food and shelter. Unfortunately, they're not very good housemates.... Read More

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3 Things Hattiesburg Residents Should Know About Bed Bugs

July 16, 2019

There are few people who are not aware that bed bugs are blood-eating pests that get into our homes and feed on us while we sleep. But, there are many misconceptions about bed bugs, including two that were loosely referenced in the first sentence of this article. Let's take a look.... Read More

a profesional pest control technitian inspecting a mississippi home for bed bug infestations

Why Hire A Professional For Bed Bug Infestations

June 14, 2019

It is that time of year again when bed bug infestations seem to be popping up in homes all over the United States.  These parasitic insects infest more properties during summer due to frequent traveling and warmer temperatures. Once bed bugs have been brought into your home, it doesn’t take long for them to hide, breed, and thoroughly infest your property.... Read More

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